2D Barcodes

This simple, new technology can revolutionize your business without changing your traditional marketing methods very much. Buyers and sellers just download a free scan application onto their smart phone and scan the barcode that appears on your business cards, postcards, newsletters, or print ads and signs. The unique barcode we create for you connects them to your contact information, your website, a landing page with a tour of a new listing, a one-minute custom video (with music and animation) created especially for you . . . or to just about any place you want them to visit.

All of this is easily accessible within seconds on a smart phone!

Imagine a 2D barcode automatically connecting every one who has your business card to your contact information. Prospective buyers or sellers need only scan the barcode on their smart phone for your information to appear on their phone under “contacts”.

If you send Just Listed postcards into your farm area, or newsletters, we’ll include a barcode created specifically about the property so interested buyers can take a tour of that home . . . from your mailer! We simply create a landing page with your picture, your contact information and a photo tour of the property.

Here’s a sampling how 2D barcodes are being used in Real Estate:

  • Add a 2D Barcode to a printed advertisement or brochure that links to an expanded listing with additional information and photos.
  • Add a 2D Barcode to a business card that links to contact information, a Landing Page or a Video.
  • 2D Barcodes are being used on FOR SALE signs that link to additional information about the property and info about the agent.
  • 2D Barcodes can be linked to your Facebook, Twitter or ActiveRain blog posts to add additional social media integration.
  • 2D Barcodes are being used on postcards linked to custom video animations that are updated weekly, giving your mail piece greater value.