About Us

We’re real people who have been doing real estate marketing since 1988. Our clients say we’re “not only accessible and responsive, but that we really understand the real estate business”. That’s a major compliment.

We make sure that your farm area receives something interesting and creative from you every month; whether it’s a custom newsletter or an attention-getting postcard that links to your website, or to a specially designed video about you with music and animation.

If you’ve never heard of a 2D Barcode, it could be a major result-getter for you. You can attract buyers from around the world with a simple classified ad!

Our direct mail campaigns work, our clients get listings and find buyers. If you’re looking for a totally different approach to real estate marketing, give us a call or email us today. Our only goal is to help you get new business.

Keep Expanding Your Presence

If you expand your presence now while others may be pulling back or getting out of real estate, you can still do very well in this market. The message you send now will only reinforce you as “the” specialist, and a specialist is one who clients rely upon most in a difficult market.

As you know, it’s always when your business is the slowest you have to think about making an investment in it. Some great ways to expand your business are:

  • Develop a website and integrate dynamic content such as IDX Listings
  • Make sure your Image and Brand reflect who you are as professionally as possible
  • Create an Advertising Campaign with a fresh new theme and carry it through to all of your marketing
  • Expand to different types of media such as video and 2D Barcodes
  • Make a point to talk with more people and network, such as attending seminars and conventions
  • Get the most out of modern social media such as Facebook, Activerain, Twitter and Youtube.